Environmental Noise Cancellation: True Wireless Earbuds Mivi Duopods A550 reduce 90% environmental noise rather than escaping from the world for clear calls.

50+ Hours of Battery Life: These TWS earbuds come with a 500mAh battery so that on the go, you can listen to your favourite tracks for more than two days with 50+ hours of combined playback time.

Powerful Bass & Authentic Sound: The Mivi DuoPods A550 earbuds have custom-tuned EQ which provides you with a rich, deep, and powerful bass that won’t miss a beat. It comes with 13mm electro-dynamic bass drivers provide studio-quality audio performance for the pure authentic sound you want.

Splash Proof : Mivi A550 comes with IPX4 Ratings which gives you freedom to be attached with your music or calls even if you are stuck in rain.

Crystal Clear Calls: These Bluetooth earphones are embedded with two very powerful MEMS mics into each of the earbuds so you can now be heard loud and clear.

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