The CEO of Offineeds, Srikanth Acharya presenting with the most comfortable mask and is made in India. Yes it is AirEn mask. The packaging and the product is phenomenal. The pack comes with 3 components – one pouch, a neck band and 2 inners which you can change it. The inners is melt blown paper and offers 99.9% protection against viruses, bacteria and germs. The supplier of this product has taken extra effort to get variety of certifications required to be able to export thereby ensuring utmost quality. The fabric with which this mask is made is light and easy to breathe, nose spin which adjusts with the face comfortably and make it most effective mask and this product can be customized with the company logo. Order now for your employees to show that you care them the most and this is what they truly need now to protect themselves in this pandemic situation.

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