The COO of Offineeds, Shubra Acharya presenting an interesting corporate gifting idea – Cable Card Multi-Functional Cable Essentials. This produce is the need of the hour with all of us having multiple phones, gadgets, ear pods, headphones, power banks and so many products each with different kind of cables. When we travel, we end up carrying multiple cables, isn’t it? This is a cable card by Fuzo comes in size of credit card and once you open this, you will notice this will convert to any kind of charging socket to any kind of charging with the help of USB heads. From USB to a C type or further up from the same C type you can convert it to USB or even iPhone charge which makes this an all-in-one solution for your gadgets charging without the hassle of carry so many chargers. If you are an international traveller, you can also carry sim cards and change it at any point in time. This also comes with the pin to remove SIM card and has ample space available for branding as per your company requirement. Amazing product for gifting purpose especially with its multi-utility.

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