The CEO of Offineeds, Srikanth Acharya presenting a new innovating corporate gifting idea – An electronic gadget that is absolutely essential for working from home. This is 100% made in India – Yes it is Intelizon MicroUPS for Wi-Fi Routers just to set you and your employees to ensure you have seamless Wi-Fi connection thereby increasing productivity without any interruption. This is like a small UPS or power bank for your Wi-Fi router. MicroUPS is the uninterrupted power supply for WiFi router with good power backup during power cuts. It is compact & based on lithium ion technology, a perfect solution for Work from home era, a perfect match with room aesthetics. This product can be customized with your company logo. One the best option to consider this product for corporate gifting especially when the demand for work from home is every increasing since the pandemic season.

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