The CEO of Offineeds, Srikanth Acharya presenting an interesting corporate gifting idea – Custom designed board game. This board game is designed for leading digital coach in India, author of the book, You Can Coach Siddharth Rajsekar. It’s called Find Your Niche. It’s a board game custom designed for him and it consists of game rules, note pads, different pens, coins and dice and meaple and everything, cards that identify the persona, potential, problem, passion and payment opportunity. Your roll the dice and play with meaple, depending on the colour and place you land in with determine your path. At the end of 30-to-45-minute game you will find your niche or your business opportunity that you want to go ahead with. In case you would like to gamify what happens in your organization, or gamify any concept that you have in your mind, we can make custom board game for you and your business.

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