The CEO of Offineeds, Srikanth Acharya presenting an interesting corporate gifting idea Geolite backpack from Targus. It’s an international brand comes with 1 year warranty and commands respect from all the backup industry. Geolite backpack is simple, elegant, got two pockets on either side, got two main compartments and it has got 2 mini compartments in which you are carry a notebook, power bank, earphones and any other mobile accessories. The straps are comfortable and a handle to lift the weight. The backside of the backpack is comfortable and makes breathing easy on the back. It comes with a strap to pass the trolley in when you are carrying this along trolley suitcase. Inside the backpack you can comfortably carry clothes in one compartment and laptop and other documents in the other and also comes with a protective strap. Check out this product link below: Product link:

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