Srikanth Acharya, CEO presents an interesting corporate gifting option – Coviself. It is a COVID-19 rapid antigen self-test kit from Mylab. It consists of manual with instructions on how to use it, specimen collection swab which looks like a large earbud, you open it and insert it into your nostril and collect the specimen from both your nostrils and put this into a testing solution which is inside that testing solution, put it insider this tube and then stir it, leave it and then drop that solution into the spot as shown in the video. The indicator will move and its going to show a line either at C or at T. Follow the manual and download the app for either android or iOS and you can scan this QR code and enter your details and right on your phone within 15 minutes you will get a report with the results on whether it is COVID positive or negative. This is one of the essential kits to have in today’s scenario.

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