Srikanth Acharya, CEO presents an interesting corporate gifting option and in today’s video checkout this simple corporate gifting idea – An envelope with a greeting card but not a usual greeting card. The envelope is customized with a sticker that has client’s logo. Inside the envelope we have placed laptop stickers. It is a unique greeting card with customized message for the employees and personalised with their names. This greeting card is made out of seed paper. The dots that you see on the paper is the seeds of a particular plant and there is instructions on how to use this. You can tear one side the greeting card to store it as memory and the other side you can soak it in water for about 5 or 10 days. Small sprouts will start coming out of these places, you can tear that out and place it on the ground and the plants will start coming out. Isn’t this an innovating gifting idea? Checkout our regular updates for innovative corporate gifting idea.

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